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Tribe Multipoint Bluetooth transceiver for motorbike combined with all the intercoms

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Tribe Cellularline PMR 446 radio with Bluetooth technology for pairing with BT intercom for motorcycle and scooter, Activated Midland and Cardosystems

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The last frontier of telecommunications group goes from TRIBE, the innovative transceiver device that does not require wired connections and can be used with any Bluetooth enabled headset.
TRIBE works hands-free, voice-activated: no button to press that divert your attention from driving!
TRIBE has no usage limit, it works with one or more groups of motorcyclists with any Bluetooth audio device to the helmet with whom TRIBE is fully compatible.
Mated to a Interphone F4 / F3 can simultaneously managing a Bluetooth phone and a GPS.
TRIBE resists water, dust, is very light and compact, and in most ultralight uses a lithium battery for long battery charge.
TRIBE is designed, manufactured and guaranteed by Cellular Line ®, the first European manufacturer of accessories for mobile phones.


  • - Transceiver PMR 446
  • - Bluetooth V2.0 / V2.1
  • - Resistant to dust and water
  • - Battery life up to 20 hours


  • - Channels: 8
  • - Operating Frequency: 446 MHz
  • - CTCSS tones per channel: 38
  • - ToniCTCSS per channel: 83
  • - Output Power: up to 500 mW
  • - VOX: 3 levels
  • - Key Lock
  • - Multifunction display
  • - Dual power transmission selectable
  • - Connection socket for headset / microphone
  • - Batteries: up to 20 hours
  • - Standby 90%
  • - TX 5%
  • - RX 5%


  • - Transceiver TRIBE
  • - Lithium-polymer battery
  • - Mains battery charger
  • - Instructions for use
  • - Belt clip


From the site cellularline

1) Tribe RADIO PMR 446 is a system that allows the
group communication speaking one at a time and with the best
quality level allowed by the radio technology.

2) If you have not already used this type of radio equipment,
you'll need a short learning period.

3) Tribe is NOT a device such as intercom Interphone F4 /
Interphone F3 that allow the conversation in contemporary
of 2 users. To communicate in groups is necessary to have a
Tribe for every biker.

4) Tribe is a device for hands-free voice-activated and non-
requires the use of buttons while driving. The Tribe is when
connected all'InterphoneF4 or InterphoneF3 be tested on the bike in

5) The voice activation (VOX) takes about 1.4 seconds, say
any word (eg your name) to be used for activation.
The first word spoken voice activation (VOX) will

6) After the voice activation (VOX) is essential to talk
with continuity; a pause longer than 2 seconds close
communication automatically.

7) The listening volume level automatically is talking to
first use up the volume of your voice or emit a
short cry.

8) A double beep signals the end of the intervention and warns others
users that the line is free.

9) During the pairing procedure (pairing) disable all
Bluetooth devices / radio nearby. In order to improve the quality '
conversation, in addition to the channel, select a subchannel
on all the apparatuses.

10) To obtain the best performance of the Tribe to use a
handlebar mount type SMSMARTPHONE, as if used
close to the body, in some cases can limit the quality and scope of the

Interphone for over 5 years it has been at the top of the sales rankings at European level, its devices over the years have made the history of communication in motion.

Interphone company in constant evolution, now well established all over the world with an eye towards the future, offers the new range of intercom systems for motorcycles,Tour,Spot,Urban,Shape, Link, without neglecting the prestigious series F5MC,F4MC,F3MC.

Interphone dynamic and innovative company, follows its customers with continuous updates, both in accessories "such as kits dedicated to helmets SHOEI and SCHUBERTH"Offering an excellent product warranty system.

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